Volume 23, Issue 1 (2013)

Volume 23, Issue 1 (2013)


Death-Penalty Stewardship and the Current State of Pennsylvania Capital Jurisprudence by Thomas G. Saylor

Symposium: Perspectives on Mass Tort Litigation

Introduction by Christopher J. Robinette

Asbestos Litigation: The “Endless Search for a Solvent Bystander” by Victor E. Schwartz and Mark A. Behrens

The Federal Asbestos Product Liability Multidistrict Litigation (MDL-875): Black Hole or New Paradigm? by Eduardo C. Robreno

The Sale and Settlement of Mass Tort Claims: Alternative Litigation Finance and a Possible Future of Mass Tort Resolution by Byron G. Stier

Paying to Play: Inside the Ethics and Implications of Third Party Litigation Funding by Thurbert Baker

Mass Tort Ethics: What Can We Learn from the Case Against Stanley Chesley by Sheila B. Scheuerman

In a League of its Own: Restoring Pennsylvania Product Liability Law to the Prevailing Modern “Attitude” of Tort Law by Nicholas P. Vari and Michael J. Ross

Bankruptcy Trusts, Transparency and the Future of Asbestos Compensation by S. Todd Brown