Volume 23, Issue 3 (2014)

Volume 23, Issue 3 (2014)

Symposium: Perspective on Mass Tort Litigation  

Introduction, Part II by Christopher J. Robinette

Sufficiency of the Evidence Does Not Meet Daubert Standards: A Critique of the Green-Sanders Proposal by Aaron D. Twerski and Lior Sapir

In Defense of Sufficiency: A Reply to Professor Twerski and Mr. Sapir by Michael D. Green and Joseph Sanders

The Need for Further Transparency Between the Tort System and Section 524(g) Asbestos Trusts, 2014 Update – Judicial and Legislative Developments and Other Changes in the Landscape Since 2008 by William P. Shelley, Jacob C. Cohn, and Joseph A. Arnold

Clearing Up the False Premises Underlying the Push for Asbestos Trust “Transparency” by Bruce Mattock, Andrew Sackett, and Jason Shipp

The Royal Nonesuch: How Tort Reformers are Pulling One Over on Pennsylvania by Scott B. Cooper and Lara Antonuk


Looking “North to the Future”: Modeling Pennsylvania’s Development of Natural Gas on Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend by Timothy R. Bishop

Personal Injury Awards and Divorce: Pennsylvania Should Adopt the Analytical Approach Through Statute to Promote Fairness and Consistency by Patrick M. Erne