Volume 24, Issue 1 (2015)

Volume 24, Issue 1 (2015)

Bankruptcy and Beyond: Exploring the Causes and Solutions
to Municipal Financial Distress

Introduction by Juliet M. Moringiello

Municipal Distress: Reflections of a Receiver by David Unkovic

Felling Insecure- A State View of Whether Investors in Municipal General Obligation Bonds Have a Mere Promise to Pay or a Binding Obligation by Randle B. Pollard

Municipal Bankruptcy, Essential Municipal Services, and Taxpayers’ Voice by Christine Sgarlata Chung

Who Pays the Price? The Necessity of Taxpayer Participation in Chapter 9 by C. Scott Pryor

From Chrysler and General Motors to Detroit by David A Skeel, Jr.

Who Needs Local Government Anyway? Dissolution in Pennsylvania’s Distressed Cities by Michelle Wilde Anderson