Volume 24, Issue 3

Published 2016

(coming soon)

Volume 24, Issue

Published 2016

A Legislative History of Article I, Section 27 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of John C. Dernbach Pennsylvania Legislative History of Article I, Section 27 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth: John C. Dernbach and Edmund J.Sonnenberg

Introduction: Robyn Meadows

Reflections on Starla Williams: In appreciation of a Friend by Linda L. Ammons

Violence Against Poor and Minority Women & the Containment of Children of Color: A Response to Dorothy E. Robert by Starla J. Williams

In Appreciation of Professor Starla williams, Champion for Racial Equity in Child Welfare by Dorothy E. Roberts

Williams on “Volence Against Poor and Minority Women & the Containment of Children of Color: by Randy Lee

Not Out of the Woods Yet: Why the Medical Malpractice Crisis Has not Completely Abated in Pennsylvania and What Can Be Done to thwart it: by Nikki Lyn Harrison

Federal Preemption of Generic Drug Manufacturer Liability: by Jordan A. Marzzaco

Fracturing the Key: Why Fracking in Pennsylvania Should be Considered an Abnormally Dangerous Activities: by Richard Rinaldi


Volume 24, Issue 1 (2015)

Bankruptcy and Beyond: Exploring the Causes and Solutions
to Municipal Financial Distress

Introduction by Juliet M. Moringiello

Municipal Distress: Reflections of a Receiver by David Unkovic

Felling Insecure- A State View of Whether Investors in Municipal General Obligation Bonds Have a Mere Promise to Pay or a Binding Obligation by Randle B. Pollard

Municipal Bankruptcy, Essential Municipal Services, and Taxpayers’ Voice by Christine Sgarlata Chung

Who Pays the Price? The Necessity of Taxpayer Participation in Chapter 9 by C. Scott Pryor

From Chrysler and General Motors to Detroit by David A Skeel, Jr.

Who Needs Local Government Anyway? Dissolution in Pennsylvania’s Distressed Cities by Michelle Wilde Anderson


Volume 23, Issue 3 (2014)

Symposium: Perspective on Mass Tort Litigation  

Introduction, Part II by Christopher J. Robinette

Sufficiency of the Evidence Does Not Meet Daubert Standards: A Critique of the Green-Sanders Proposal by Aaron D. Twerski and Lior Sapir

In Defense of Sufficiency: A Reply to Professor Twerski and Mr. Sapir by Michael D. Green and Joseph Sanders

The Need for Further Transparency Between the Tort System and Section 524(g) Asbestos Trusts, 2014 Update – Judicial and Legislative Developments and Other Changes in the Landscape Since 2008 by William P. Shelley, Jacob C. Cohn, and Joseph A. Arnold

Clearing Up the False Premises Underlying the Push for Asbestos Trust “Transparency” by Bruce Mattock, Andrew Sackett, and Jason Shipp

The Royal Nonesuch: How Tort Reformers are Pulling One Over on Pennsylvania by Scott B. Cooper and Lara Antonuk


Looking “North to the Future”: Modeling Pennsylvania’s Development of Natural Gas on Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend by Timothy R. Bishop

Personal Injury Awards and Divorce: Pennsylvania Should Adopt the Analytical Approach Through Statute to Promote Fairness and Consistency by Patrick M. Erne

Volume 23, Issue 2 (2014)

Annual Survey of Pennsylvania Administrative Law   

Administrative Agency Statutory Interpretation

Girard Finance Co. v. Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission: Taking a Stand Against Unfair Lending Practices by Camille Howlett

Northside Urban Pathways Charter School v. State Charter School Appeal Board: Implied Powers within the Pennsylvania Charter School Law by Philip M. McCarthy

What a Difference a Coordinating Conjunction Makes: A Survey of Glatfelter Pulpwood Co. v. Commonwealth by Langdon Ramsburg

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Role in Statutory Interpretation: An Examination of Yussen, M.D. v. Medical Care Availability & Reduction of Error Fund by Katherine Riggleman-Thomas

Rodriguez v. Department of Transportation: An Opportunity to Expand the Real Estate Exception to Sovereign Immunity by Jennifer Robinson


Applying the Prudent Man Standard in Gaming Licensing while Continuing to Disregard the Clear and Convincing Evidence Requirement: Mason-Dixon Resorts, L.P. v. Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board by Patrick M. Erne

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board v. Office of Open Records: Unaddressed Requests a Valid Right-to-Know Request? by Kate Nixon

An Expansion of Agency Power: A Survey of Pennsylvania State Police Borough of Liquor Control Enforcement v. Progress Fire Co. Home Ass’n by Nicholas Peters

Right-to-Know Law

Hearst Television, Inc. v. Norris: Interpreting the Right-to-Know Law’s Conflict Provision by Lara Antonuk

Pennsylvanians Have a Right-to-Know, but No Right to Know When They Have a Right-to-Know by Timothy R. Bishop

A Survey Analysis of Silver v. Borough of Wilkinsburg: An Interpretation of Final Action Under 708(b)(7)(viii) of the Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law by Meredith DeMark

Hey Steinbrenner, Gimme Those Records! An Examination of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Decision in SWB Yankees, LLC v. Wintermantel by Thomas McQuillan

Pennsylvania State Education Ass’n v. Department of Community & Economic Development: Affording Due Process Rights Under the Right-to-Know Law by Andrew Race

Unemployment Compensation

Diehl v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review: Broadening Unemployment Compensation Laws in Pennsylvania by Jerika Cummiskey

The Analysis of Section 802(h) and 753(l)(2)(B) of Unemployment Compensation Law: Quality Care Options v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review Sheds Light on How to Analyze and Apply the Two-Prong Test of 753(l)(2)(B) by Thomas Gallagher

Evidence and Administrations: How Bell Beverage v. Unemployment Compensation Board of Review Changed Unemployment Compensation Law for the Worst by Mitchell Jones


Volume 23, Issue 1 (2013)


Death-Penalty Stewardship and the Current State of Pennsylvania Capital Jurisprudence by Thomas G. Saylor

Symposium: Perspectives on Mass Tort Litigation

Introduction by Christopher J. Robinette

Asbestos Litigation: The “Endless Search for a Solvent Bystander” by Victor E. Schwartz and Mark A. Behrens

The Federal Asbestos Product Liability Multidistrict Litigation (MDL-875): Black Hole or New Paradigm? by Eduardo C. Robreno

The Sale and Settlement of Mass Tort Claims: Alternative Litigation Finance and a Possible Future of Mass Tort Resolution by Byron G. Stier

Paying to Play: Inside the Ethics and Implications of Third Party Litigation Funding by Thurbert Baker

Mass Tort Ethics: What Can We Learn from the Case Against Stanley Chesley by Sheila B. Scheuerman

In a League of its Own: Restoring Pennsylvania Product Liability Law to the Prevailing Modern “Attitude” of Tort Law by Nicholas P. Vari and Michael J. Ross

Bankruptcy Trusts, Transparency and the Future of Asbestos Compensation by S. Todd Brown


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