“Each year, the Widener Commonwealth Law Review sponsors a symposium that brings together leading scholars, professors, judges, and practitioners to discuss history, advancements, and emerging issues related to a selected topic. Examples include Internet expression, sustainable energy, 50th anniversary of the National Conference of State Trial Judges, and Judicial Division of the American Bar Association.

This annual regional event for judges, lawyers, and legal professionals provides credits for continuing legal education in Pennsylvania.”[1]


Widener Commonwealth Law Review Symposia


Search, Seizure and Smartphones: A View of the Fourth Amendment Through Today’s Lens (2019)

Children in the Courts: A Developed or Developing System? (2018)

Governing in an Age of Partisanship (2017)

Ruling the Courts: The Future of Local Rules of Civil Procedure in Pennsylvania (2016)

Halt and Reform?: Death Penalty & Criminal Sentencing Guidelines (2015)

Bankruptcy and Beyond: Solving the Problem of Municipal Financial Distress (2014)

Perspectives on Mass Tort Litigation (2013)